SUMMIT 2020 ~ Overview

10th CII Education Summit 2020

  10th – 11th December 2020     

As we move towards the sunset of 2020, a year that brought numerous hardships and grief for humanity and which impacted the education of millions of children not just in India but around the world, it is time to take stock of where we stand. The many negatives of this year were countered by several positives. Technology took centre stage and distance education became the new normal. A highlight was the release of National Education Policy (NEP), which is set to have far reaching implications and will usher in a new era in the Indian education system.

To discuss the way forward on implementation of the policy and participation of each stakeholder, CII is organising the 10th edition of CII Education Summit on 10-11 December on digital platform. The Summit will also highlight the changes that have been necessitated during the year, in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, reimagining education spaces and capacity building of teachers. It will feature key issues in the education sector, policy dialogue, dialogue with other key ministries relevant for education, examples from states and also international case studies.

CII Education Summit is being organized for the past nine years and has received the support and patronage of the Ministry of Education in all the previous editions. It will also see the announcement of results of 9th AICTE-CII Survey of Best Industry-Linked Technical Institutes 2020.

The CII Education Summit is CII's flagship education event, organised at the central level and covering the entire country. The arena of activity will be a hi-tech virtual platform which will offer a unique opportunity to network, collaborate and showcase novel initiatives. Besides high-quality conference facilities, the platform will have a virtual B2B lounge for exhibiting products, a feature-packed digital pavilion and a digital resource library.

Skills, Commercialisation of Research, Faculty Development, Leadership in Academic Institutes