School Education

School education and the subject of finding newer and effective ways of shaping young impressionable minds and improving learning outcomes continues to be of prime importance in the country’s endeavors towards becoming a knowledge-driven society. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), with its vast network of more than 12 lakh schools and several independent agencies such as CBSE, KVS, NCERT and NCTE plays a key role in this area. Private schools, comparatively smaller in number but significantly large at 3 lakh plus, also contribute significantly in creating high quality human resource for the country.

The issues and concerns facing a system which caters to the learning needs of over 300 million children on a daily basis need attention at the highest level. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is happy to share with you that cementing its leadership position in policy advocacy in the area of human resource development and education, it is going to organize its 4th annual School Summit in Delhi on 28th April with the objective of improving learning outcomes through public & private sector initiatives and tech interventions.

Like last year, the Summit will be a platform for outcome-driven engagements of educators and policy makers to meaningfully impact the school education system in the country. Important topics including assessment, learning outcomes, teaching-learning innovations and practices, education technology and Edtech start-ups will be discussed at the Summit and future action points will be chalked out.

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